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International Parenting Tips & Tricks - in pdf.

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I'm Popz.

3 Years Single Parent, 2 Years Abroad, and Raising a Wonderful 5 Year Old.

Being a parent is not an easy task. And doing it single, and moreover abroad, seems daunting at first sight.

But persistence, patience and simply just doing things one time after another and not giving up when it gets difficult, and to persevere the vast challenges, will let you have a lot of fun and adventures, for both parents and the Child. So here, we would like to exemplify it.

International Parenting Guide 


Learning + Education, Explore Tools for Kids


School / Home

+ Socials


Growth + Joy, Other Tips

What is most important?

Besides love and laughter, guided tools are important to assist the development of the Child, them being abroad. 

Parenting Tricks

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We share international parenting guides, network, tips and tricks to all parents.

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